Labor Doulas

A Sun State Doula is someone who is there to support both the birthing individual and their partner throughout pregnancy, birth, and the early parenting period. The doula is there to focus solely on the birthing individual and their partner. During birth, they are there to help the birthing individual and their family feel confident, connected, secure, and informed in their pregnancy, birth, and parenting decisions. They help the couple stay connected and offers guidance as the partner supports the birthing individual. Additionally, they are there to help support the partner as well as the birthing individual by being a person of support for them as well.

Benefits of hiring  Labor Doulas:

  • Assistance in researching birth and parenting options
  • Reduction in discomfort, pain, and anxiety during the birth
  • Lower rate of cesarean
  • Lower rate of interventions
  • Shorter length of labor for first time moms
  • More positive outlook on the birth and during early postpartum periods
  • Better adjustment to the immediate changes experienced during recovery post-birth
  • Easier time bonding with baby during the first couple weeks home

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