Childbirth Education

Before the bags are packed, the tickets purchased, and the itinerary planned, an educational foundation must be laid in regards to the destination. Sure we can just go and see where we end up, but the experience becomes so much more meaningful when we’ve educated ourselves ahead of time.

Such is the case with childbirth. It is the educational foundation to birth and parenthood that allows you to feel confident, and even excited about, the journey on which you are about to embark.

Benefits of attending a childbirth education class:

  • Decreased risk of cesarean
  • Decreased incidence of induction
  • Decreased levels of fear and anxiety
  • Shorter labors for first time birthing individuals
  • Increased satisfaction with birth by both the birthing individual and the partner
  • Increased levels of communication with partner

At Sun State Doulas, we are proud to offer customized, top-notch education to our clients. With classes ranging from a few hours to a few days to completely customize-able options, we cater to your needs, wants, and desires.  Contact us to book a private or small group class.

childbirth education