Birth Photography

In the midst of birthing a human, the world seems very surreal and it is difficult to piece together your unique story. Hiring a professional birth photographer allows you to process that story when you are ready and then piece it back together into a beautifully woven tapestry complete with images and sound, movement and emotion.

Some benefits of hiring a professional birth photographer include:

  • An once-in-a-lifetime event captured for posterity.
  • Professional images to share or to keep private.
  • Ability to announce your baby with family and friends who don’t live locally.
  • Helps your birth team focus on supporting you rather than on capturing photos.
  • One less thing to pack for birth.
  • Beautiful images of your baby’s first moments.
  • Security in knowing you have hired a professional who has specifically trained to capture your birth and the unique circumstances that surround that event. From the lighting to the tight spaces to photographing around multiple individuals, our professionals are trained to handle whatever comes their way.

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