Christine Santos

After photographing her first birth in 2012, Christine knew she had found her calling. She went on to photograph several births throughout 2013 and became fascinated with all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. During a prolonged labor, Christine observed the benefits of doula support in action. It was in that moment she knew it was something she wanted to pursue herself. She attended a training in fall 2013 and immediately began attending births as a labor doula.
As her experience grew, and her calendar booked up, so did her need for adequate support so she could best serve her clients. In spring 2014, Christine started a birth cooperative. It quickly became a place of support and feedback for other birth professionals. However, after a few months, she knew it needed to be more.
In September 2014, Christine attended her first ProDoula training and learned about doula agencies and the benefits they provide to both birth professionals and the community. From that point, she began transitioning the cooperative into an agency that would promote professionalism, knowledge, and non-judgmental support for women and their families. On June 1, 2015 that dream became a reality.
As a professional, Christine brings non-judgmental, unbiased support to the women and families she serves. Her passion for birth and women’s autonomy allows her the freedom to support women in whatever capacity they desire without constraint. Her leadership style encourages the birth professionals on her team to hold themselves to higher standards of education, care, and support, set forth by her example.
As a mother herself, Christine understands the necessity for professional, compassionate care through pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. She has 3 girls and each of their birth stories are as varied and unique as they are. Her knowledge and experience has enabled her to better serve women and their families as they create their own unique stories.
“Christine was wonderful! I would recommend her and any doula to any mother, especially a first time mother like I was. Even the doctor liked her and said so! I know I would have made it without her, but I feel her coaching kept me from getting a cesarean and focused so I could have a vaginal, drug-free delivery.”

Podcast of Christine on Dearest Doula:

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