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Why should I hire a doula?

Hiring someone you don’t know to be with you and your partner during the intimate birth of your child is a really big deal. Choosing to hire a doula is choosing to invite someone in who is knowledgeable, professional, and caring into your birth environment. It is choosing to allow them into a big part of your life for a short while. That takes a lot of trust.

Science backs up having a doula at your birth. The evidence speaks for itself as to the benefits of a doula’s presence. That’s all well and good, but if you’re like me, those numbers and statistics don’t mean very much. I want to know

“Why should I hire a doula?”

We asked some individuals, who had hired doulas, why they chose to have a doula present at their birth(s). The answers we received were as varied and unique as the women who gave them.

Hire a doula for…Extra Support

“I wanted a doula for extra support and encouragement during a particularly challenging pregnancy…”

“My husband is very involved and hands on, but it was nice to have double the support. There is something very soothing about having another empathetic [woman] there with you.”

I hired one for my current pregnancy because I am a first time mom & need a lot of extra reassurance/support. I also know my husband will be incredibly helpful but can get grumpy if he doesn’t eat/sleep enough so I want somebody there to give him the occasional break he may need.”

Knowledge and Understanding

“I had an epidural with my second and didn’t like the side effects. She helped me research my options.”

“I was holding on to a lot of trauma… It was hard to process and the fear was carrying over to my pregnancy with him. I needed someone there to tell me everything was going to be okay and just someone to rely on to be completely open with my feelings and fears.”

“I really needed someone to walk me through the “process” from connecting me with ICAN to providing me with a list of VBAC friendly providers. She was incredibly informative throughout my pregnancy and I researched a lot more than I normally would have, thanks to her assistance.”

Support for Me and My Partner

“Everyone else had their focus on themselves, the baby or my physical health. My husband is so calm and so supportive but it was still affecting him. It was his daughter too and he had his own emotions. My doula was the only
Person in the room who had nothing else to be concerned with except my well-being. No distractions. Nothing else on her mind. She was keenly aware of what I needed even when I myself didn’t realize it. She was my guardian angel that day and played a tremendous role in how I can still look back at my birth experience as being empowering, pain-free and the best day of my entire life so far.”

Positive Transition into Parenthood

“I actually had one for the birth and a postpartum doula in the first two weeks at home with our first birth. Both were invaluable.”

“She also shared ways to help keep me relaxed and focused throughout the labor. After, she helped me get some rest, gave tricks and tips for bathing, changing, development, etc., helped me feel confident with breastfeeding, and through the healing process to get back on my feet.”

As you can see there are lots of reasons someone might choose to hire a doula for their birth. What will your reason be?

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