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Why is a doula like a writing desk?

A doula…

  • offers unbiased support
  • is steadfast
  • is there when you need her
  • holds information
  • is a safe place to pour out your thoughts
  • is valuable
  • helps you work out your birth your way

A writing desk…

  • is supportive
  • dependable
  • is there when you need it
  • holds information
  • is a safe place to sit and pour out your thoughts
  • can be valuable
  • helps you get work done

As you can see, in many ways a doula is like a writing desk. A Sun State Doula offers unbiased, judgement-free support for her clients. She is steadfast throughout your pregnancy and birth. She is there when you need her; whether that be via phone, text, Skype, or in person. She holds valuable knowledge obtained through years of training and experience. A Sun State Doula is a safe place to vent or just pour out your thoughts and questions. She is an unwavering sounding board for your fears, concerns, joys, and elations. A Sun State Doula is highly qualified, certified, and insured. Her years of experience and research make her a valuable asset to your birth team. She has the tips and tools to help you attain the birth you desire and to work through the options if things don’t go as planned.

The Mad Hatter never got an answer to his riddle. Maybe he was asking the wrong question. How can a Sun State Doula support you?

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Owner of Sun State Doulas, Christine is passionate about pregnancy, birth, and parenting issues that affect mainstream families. She is mother to 3 girls and is an active member of the roller derby community. Her favorite quote is, “Not my body, not my baby, not my birth, not my choice.”

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