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Who Hires Postpartum Doulas?

It’s a question I’ve been asked a lot lately.

People seem to imagine that only single mothers, without any family nearby, practicing a very specific parenting style (which one seems to be debatable) can benefit from having a postpartum doula or are the only ones that truly “need” one.

I had a friend recently say “Well I had family around all the time after I had my baby.” They seemed very surprised to learn I had done a number of overnights while grandma slept in the guest bedroom. Family support is invaluable after having a child but you’ll find them even less keen on waking up 3 times a night than you are.

So what about parenting styles? Do only parents who practice attachment parenting hire doulas since we often find more “crunchy” leaning parents with doulas, or do postpartum doulas interrupt some of the practices found in attachment parenting? Does that mean postpartum doulas and newborn care specialists are only for scheduled parenting styles?

Doulas are for everyone!

We can help you with breastfeeding, show you how to wrap your baby, and get all the little things done around the house that are keeping you from spending the time you want with your newborn. Your professional postpartum doula won’t shame you for your choice to pursue scheduled parenting either, instead they will find a way to help you meet your goals and support you and your family through it all.

Not sure where you fall in all that? Again a postpartum doula is perfect for you! They can give you all the resources you need to find the perfect parenting style for you.

But what if you’ve done this before? Maybe you don’t need help finding your parenting style. Your choice of newborn feeding is old hat and you know what you’re doing. You don’t want or need help deciding on the best sleep set up because you still have everything or liked what you did with your last child.

That’s great!

A postpartum doula can help free you up to focus on some alone time with your oldest or give keep siblings entertained while you bond with your new baby. We can make sure lunch and dinner are prepped so you don’t have to worry about it and we can help chase the monsters out of your 4 year olds room at 3 AM.

Is your partner going to be taking some time off after baby is here? Perfect! Let us come in and take care of some of the less fun stuff. We will handle the laundry and dishes while you guys get your Netflix binge on. Let us hang out in the nursery while you enjoy a dinner unattached to baby monitor with an uninterrupted adult conversation.

Every family is unique and every situation is different. Postpartum doulas have been professionally trained to support every individual, regardless of what the best support looks like for them. Reach out to your local postpartum doulas to find out how they can serve you and your one of a kind family!


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Shea Blunier

Shea is the owner of Doulas of Michiana, a trained professional Labor and Postpartum Doula, avid coffee consumer, mother, wife, and friend.

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