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What is a postpartum doula?

There’s such a thing as a postpartum doula?

Yes there is, and it’s a wonderful thing, too! A postpartum doula’s focus is on the birthing individual’s recovery post birth and on baby’s adjustment to life outside the womb. She is prepared to guide and support you through any challenge and/or obstacle that may come your way during this period. She is there as an extra pair of hands to follow your instructions and desires as you move through this post birth recovery time. She is there as a confidant and shoulder to lean on. She is there for support, encouragement, and understanding as your family adjusts to their new dynamic. She is there for education and to help you keep track of all the details that come with caring for a newborn. She is there for you.

*Some of the things a postpartum doula provides are:

  • Breast and Bottle-feeding education and support
  • Understanding of emotional and physical recovery from birth
  • Sleep guidance
  • Infant soothing
  • General coping skills
  • Helping parents better understand scenarios
  • Provide information for decision-making
  • Preparing parents with the proper language to best communicate their personal choices themselves
  • A judgement free environment in which parents can feel comfortable and confident in their own decisions

In addition, she will assist with :

  • Meal preparation
  • Light housework
  • The general needs of the household

Her duties extend from the post birth recovery period to beyond.

*Some of the things a postpartum doula is not/does not provide are:

  • A nurse or caregiver
  • Clinical or medical care (physical examinations, assessments, or mother/baby monitoring)
  • Make medical or philosophical decisions for the parents
  • Speak on her client’s behalf

As you can see a postpartum doula is a valuable asset to the birthing individuals, babies, and families who hire her. Each family is cared for individually ensuring that their unique needs are met in a way that feels best for them.

*ProDoula Workbook (ProDoula is a professional doula training organization that Sun State Doulas chooses to use for all our doula training and certification needs.)


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