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Tips for Visiting After Baby Arrives

Visiting is the thing to do

After all, family has a right to meet the new baby, right? Absolutely…if that’s what the parents want. Sometimes after the baby arrives, people stop in unannounced at the most inopportune times. Like right after the baby has finally fallen asleep after being awake all night. Or right after mom has just stepped into a warm shower. Or right as the family is getting ready to take a much needed nap (Ahhhhh thank you postpartum doula!)

Although we’re in the South, and dropping in is the thing to do, calling ahead before visiting a new family is very much appreciated.

New moms (and dads) are hungry!

If you’re planning to come over, and you’ve cleared it with the new family, please bring food. Having a new baby is exhausting. Cooking meals on top of caring for this new little life and adjusting to the changes a baby brings can be overwhelming. One of the best things you can do when visiting a family postpartum is bring them food.

Don’t bring your germs

Not even kidding. Babies, and new moms, immune systems are fragile. If you even think you might be coming down with something, stay away! I promise, they will love you even more for being considerate. In fact, you may even get more baby time if you wait to feel better because then less people will be rushing to visit. Also, bringing over food (see above) a few weeks after baby arrives is very much appreciated as most people stop visiting after the first week and half. Your food offering, and you, will be welcomed with open arms.

To discover even more tips about visiting after the baby arrives, check out Amanda Skaggs blog post 9 Ways to be the Favorite Visitor. Her post details all the things that will make you an honored guest with a new family.

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