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The GentleBirth Difference

Hospital classes, HynoBirthing, HypnoBabies, Bradley Method, Birthing from Within, Sacred Pregnancy, …….there are a lot of choices out there for childbirth education classes, right? How do you choose the one that is right for you, your partner, and your baby? What if you don’t know what type of birth you want? Will the class you go to be a worthwhile investment even if things don’t go as planned? Will your class fulfill the needs of your partner also?

I am always happy to discuss the difference between GentleBirth and all other childbirth education programs. GentleBirth is based on neuroscience – brain science. No woo woo or incense burning here! We have a strong emphasis on brain training for birth using hypnosis, mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy, and sports psychology. (Don’t worry you’ll learn all about the signs of labor too and when to go to hospital.) We work on preparing you not only for the birth you want, but for whatever path your birth takes, by teaching you the coping mechanisms to remain calm, confident, and in control regardless of what is happening around you. We always have a Plan B…and C.

It is by building this emotional resilience demonstrates so clearly that a positive birth comes in many forms. It can be a non-medicated birth, an epidural on arrival, an unexpected cesarean, or a planned cesarean. GentleBirth encourages women to have more than one tool in their labor toolkit. Although hypnosis and breathing techniques can be sufficient for some women, we like to stack the odds in your favor by having more than one tool to see you through the various rhythms and changes of labor. Just like your doula would never rely on one physical comfort measure during labor, and your prenatal yoga teacher would never only teach one position, – GentleBirth has you covered with ‘birth psychology’ toolkit.

97% of women who use GentleBirth recommend it. Therefore, it goes without saying that we are doing something right when it comes to preparing women mentally, emotionally, and physically. Studies have shown that a woman’s birth experience can have a large impact on the postpartum period. GentleBirth doesn’t just support you until the day your baby arrives. The skills you’ll learn will also be very helpful during that important 4th Trimester. Our long anticipated App coming this summer will also support moms through the first year with your new baby.

Women who have used the program have a lower risk of postnatal depression, 92% breastfeed, and 95% will use the program on a future pregnancy. Preparing for your baby’s birth is important! Every woman should feel empowered and in control on that day. Similar to that, all birth partners should feel included, informed, and excited!

Our Florida GentleBirth workshops take place over one weekend. It’s an intensive, immersion course. Many of our GentleBirth attendees will use this weekend as a babymoon and spend the night in a hotel for them to focus on themselves for the weekend. It’s a great opportunity to connect and bond. Being on the same page is so important and GentleBirth engages birth partners in a way other programs can lack. The sport psychology focus of the program has always been a favorite of GentleBirth fathers. It is engaging and interesting and most fathers can relate easily to the materials. GentleBirth is leading the way in Childbirth Education because we don’t narrow ourselves to the belief that a positive birth has to be a certain way. Our focus is on how women and their partners will remember the day their baby is born. It should be a joyous experience where the woman feels like a goddess and the partner like her superhero. At just $375 for a full weekend workshop, it’s quite the bargain in the grand scheme of things. Come experience the GentleBirth difference.

About the Author

Lisa Dowling

Lisa Dowling is the owner and Managing Director of the Positive Birth Agency based in Central Florida. Lisa is the only certified GentleBirth Instructor in the State of Florida. Lisa has two young children, the first of which was a planned homebirth that took the turn of a 32 hour hospital induction and cesarean. She and her partner attended a GentleBirth Workshop with Tracy Donegan-the founder of the program. They came away from the workshop feeling empowered and confident. Lisa went on to have a very positive hospital VBAC with the support of her partner.

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