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The Doula Sisterhood

Whether it’s Girl Scouts, sororities, or women’s clubs, there seems a pervasive theme of sisterhood built into our lives. We form relationships that go deeper than just friendship. We lean on, depend on, and confide in these individuals in our lives. How does this concept work with professional colleagues?

When I taught school, I didn’t consider my fellow teachers “sisters.” We didn’t say we had a “teacher sisterhood.” That would have been both weird and unprofessional. Instead we treated and spoke of each other as professionals.

In the birth world, doulas throw the term around loosely. The concept is often used to push doulas into offering discounts and/or services free of charge out of guilt that they aren’t acting in the best interest of the “sisterhood.” Rather than supporting women as entrepreneurs and pushing them to provide a sustainable business that will benefit women and the profession as a whole, they shame those who do try to better themselves. This shouldn’t be.

Arielle Fears, from Music City Doulas, wrote an amazing post about this subject. Click here to read more.

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