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How to Set Up a Routine with a Newborn

Routine isn’t for everyone…

We do things in a way that is uniquely our own in every area of our lives. Some people prefer routine, some prefer going with the flow, and some fall somewhere in between.

So why should parenting be any different?

When a newborn is added to the mix, life gets a little crazy. Balancing everything you need to while keeping this little person (and yourself) alive can seem like a monumental task at times. What makes it so hard?

Sleep deprivation, establishing a feeding schedule, lack of routine, or any number of things.

…but it works really well for some families.

Some parents need the consistency of knowing what to expect from the beginning of their day to the end. Some babies thrive with this set up. Having an established schedule can greatly help a family transition from the blurry fog of birth back into their daily lives with more control and confidence.

Postpartum doulas, trained with ProDoula, we are taught how to help families establish routines and schedules that work for them. We are trained on how to help parents establish better sleep patterns so they can sleep better. We are trained to work with whatever schedule you give us. By doing so, our postpartum doulas help you feel confident, safe, and secure in knowing that your desires for your family will always be honored and respected.

Our postpartum doulas can make sure that basic household chores are done in a timely manner. From laundry to dishes to light cleanings postpartum doulas do that. Having a clean, orderly home has the potential to brighten any postpartum parent’s day.

Is having a regular dinner routine important to your family? Let our postpartum doulas help with that. They can help plan and prepare nutritious meals for you. This will take the stress out of finding time away from your baby to cook.

While having a routine isn’t necessarily for everyone, some families thrive with a regular schedule. Let us help you get one established. Contact us today to set up a consult with one of our fantastic postpartum doulas.


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