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Prepare for Birth

Prepare for things to go right

You have your birth location picked out. Your care team was carefully researched, then chosen. Your bag is packed. Nursery decorated. You have an idea of what you think birth “should” look like, but have you decided what you want it to look like for you?

One way to help create a birth experience you feel good about, is by visualizing the type of birth you desire. Considering the options and then choosing the ones that work best for you and your family. This may be a non-medicated birth, a birth with medications for pain relief, an epidural, a water birth, a planned cesarean, or a home birth. Whatever works for you, visualize it. Then write it down. Put the top 6 things that are the most important to you at the top of that list. Those key things will become your personal birth guide that your care providers can refer to in order to help you get the birth you desire.

Prepare for things to go wrong

Why would you want to think about something going wrong? If visualizing things going right is a good way to help have a good birth experience, wouldn’t the opposite be true? Not necessarily. If you take the time to face your fears, voice your concerns, and plan for them, no matter what happens during birth, you’ll be prepared. Create a plan b with options that feel right for you. If you are having a home birth and need to transfer to a hospital, what kinds of things do you want them to do for you at the hospital that can help make the experience easier mentally and emotionally? If you are planning a vaginal hospital birth and you need an emergency cesarean, how would you like that done and how would you like your recovery to look so you can bond with your baby faster and recover easier? These are the types of things you should consider when preparing for if things were to go wrong.

Having a backup plan doesn’t mean you don’t trust your body to follow through with your first plan. It simply means you are well-prepared and ready to have a wonderful birth, with less chance of trauma, if things were to go wrong.


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