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Planning a Successful VBAC

VBAC- vaginal birth after cesarean

You’ve already done this once. Now you’re pregnant again. Maybe the first time didn’t go as planned and it ended up with a cesarean, or maybe that was exactly how you planned your first birth and this time you want to attempt a VBAC. Whatever the case may be, you don’t do anything half-way. You approach every situation with confidence, finesse, and knowledge galore. Why should this be any different?

You’ve made up your mind that you are going to have a vaginal birth after having already experienced a cesarean. You know that this is how you want to have this baby. So how do you plan for that? How do you plan to have a successful VBAC? What steps do you need to take to ensure this birth will have the outcome you desire?

In short, you don’t.

Birth is completely unpredictable. Babies are completely unpredictable. No one can guarantee your birth outcome and if they say they can, well, they’re selling snake oil.

However, there are some steps you can take to increase your chances of having the birth of  your choosing.

Hire a healthcare provider who is truly supportive of VBAC.

Some doctors will tell you that they choose to not support women who are planning this type of birth. Others will say they do, but they have stipulations as to what that support looks like. Others still will treat a vaginal birth after cesarean the same way they would a woman who had never had a cesarean. Each doctor is different and they way they run their practice is different. It is important to sit down and interview health care providers to find the one who will best support your birth choices.

Hire a doula.

Although a doula is not a medical provider, scientific evidence supports the benefits of having an unbiased non-judgmental support person at your birth. In addition, a postpartum doula can help with breastfeeding and recovery after the baby is born. She can also help you wade through the mountains of information that are available to those planning a VBAC. Her knowledge and presence can make a big difference in helping you achieve the birth you desire.

These are just two steps you can take to aid in planning a success VBAC. To learn more, check out Aprille’s post. There she discusses 31 additional ways you can prepare for a vaginal birth after delivery.

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