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Is your placenta encapsulator certified?

Why is it important for a placenta encapsulator to be certified?

Due to the easy access of information on the internet today, it is completely possible for any individual to wake up one day and decide they are going to be a placenta encapsulator. The government has not yet regulated placenta encapsulation; therefore, certification is not required.

They can go out, purchase capsules, a dehydrator, a grinder, and put it out there that they are a placenta encapsulator. That’s how easy it is. Really.

Never mind the fact that a placenta encapsulator is processing another individual’s organ complete with that individual’s blood. Never mind that there are lots of safety precautions and procedures that should be followed to ensure safe processing. Never mind all that.

A placenta specialist who is certified has taken a training specific to the processing of the placenta. These trainings are typically a couple of days in length and have a final exam. In addition, they are usually required to also take a Blood Bourne Pathogens for Encapsulators course, as well as a Food Safety Handler’s course. They are required to present proof of being certified in those areas in order to receive their final certification as a placenta preparation specialist.

Certification also provides an additional layer of accountability should the encapsulator ever step outside their scope or process a placenta in a manner that is inconsistent with their trainings. For whatever reason, some individuals don’t want to be held accountable.

At Sun State Doulas, we welcome that accountability. It is one of the reasons we maintain our certifications year after year. We want you to know we take the service of processing your placenta seriously and for us this is our profession, not just a hobby, and we promise to always treat it as such.

What can you expect from Sun State Doulas encapsulators?

Each of Sun State Doulas’ placenta encapsulators has attended an in-person training and is either certified or working towards certification. Each of our encapsulators has passed the Blood Bourne Pathogens for Encapsulators course, as well as a Food Safety Handler’s course.


It is incredibly important for you to know your placenta is being processed by someone who knows what they are doing. Someone who is certified (or working towards certification) with a reputable training organization and their individual state’s approved safety training organizations.

It is okay to ask to see your encapsulators certifications. It is okay to make sure that the person processing your organ actually knows what they are doing and are processing it in the safest manner possible. Your health depends on it.

For more information about placenta encapsulation or to talk to us about our other services, please contact us. We would love to chat with you.


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