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*New* Postpartum Support Group

Why a postpartum support group?

When looking for postpartum support groups throughout our service area for our referral pages, we noticed there were few groups dedicated to postpartum parents. There were mother/baby meetup groups. There were postpartum depression support groups. There were SAHM groups. There were even single mom groups. We could not find a support group that marketed itself as being a postpartum support group for parents (both partners).  So we decided to create one.


Sun State Parents- Postpartum Support Group

The group will meet the third Tuesday of each month at Bebe Flow on Kentucky Avenue in downtown Lakeland at 11am.

We will be starting this group first in the Lakeland area and then expanding to our other service areas. Eventually offering postpartum support groups in St. Pete, Tampa, Celebration, and Orlando. As each group grows, we may find the need to host the groups twice a month – once in mornings and once in the evenings for our working families.

This group is unique in that its purpose is simply to be a safe haven for newly postpartum parents to have an unbiased, non-judgmental support system available at their fingertips. Group meetings will flow based on the group’s needs for that week. Rather than a group moderated by one individual, the focus is on peer relationships. Parents will talk about the joys and struggles of the first few months postpartum. They will be able to find solace in knowing they are not alone in their parenting journey.

We have chosen to pursue the support group model because of the benefits we, ourselves, have received from support groups when we were newly postpartum. For many of us, without the relationships that were formed in those groups, we would’ve felt lost and alone. Instead we were able to enjoy our postpartum time, learn from those who had babies a bit older, form new friendships, and feel supported and validated in our parenting decisions. This is the same level of support we want to offer to our community.

We look forward to meeting you soon!


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Owner of Sun State Doulas, Christine is passionate about pregnancy, birth, and parenting issues that affect mainstream families. She is mother to 3 girls and is an active member of the roller derby community. Her favorite quote is, “Not my body, not my baby, not my birth, not my choice.”


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