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Kim K Ate Her Placenta and You Should Too!

Placenta Encapsulation and Kim’s Celebrity Status

Kim Kardashian recently made headlines by admitting she would be consuming her placenta after the birth of her son. The internet went crazy! Everyone wanted to know about this crazy health fad and why someone would want to consume their placenta. Articles popped up all over with headlines like, “Kim Kardashian Eats Placents” and “Kim K Ate Her Placenta”! Although the titles were meant for click bait, they brought a lot of focus to a topic encapsulation specialists have been trying to bring to light for years.

Placenta encapsulation specialists know that consumption of encapsulated placenta pills in the postpartum period can have many wonderful benefits. Placenta pills can help balance hormones after birth. They can help boost iron levels, that tend to be low after birth due to blood loss. They can increase milk supply. They can help reduce and prevent postpartum depression and “baby blues.”

Hiring a certified, licensed, and insured specialist who has been trained how to properly handle and prepare your placenta for consumption is vitally important. A placenta that is handled or prepared incorrectly has the potential to make you sick…or worse.  Just as you would want to know the individual preparing your food at a restaurant is using utmost precaution with the sanitation, handling, and processing of the food and area they are working, you have a right to expect the same thing of your encapsulation specialist.

At Sun State Doulas, our placenta encapsulation specialist undergo the highest level of training. They attend a 2 day, 16-hour course to learn about placentas, sanitation, handling, abnormalities, preparation, and delivery of the final product. They also work hands-on with a test placenta to put their learning into practice in a secure environment, with an instructor close by to correct any mistakes. After these two days, our specialists are required to complete 5 modules with tests, a written assessment, and an essay to further demonstrate their knowledge. They then complete a Food Safety Handler’s Certification, as well as a Blood Bourne Pathogens Certification. Finally, each of our specialists are required to carry insurance for placenta encapsulation specialists.

At Sun State Doulas, you can trust that your placenta is being handled by professionals who care about you and your postpartum recovery period.

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