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The Importance of Hiring a Doula

When you are considering hiring a doula, you should know you are bringing on more than just another member of your birth team. You are hiring someone whose sole goal and purpose is to get to know you and your partner better so they can better support the two of you throughout your pregnancy, labor and delivery, and early postpartum period.

Having someone who is there for you is more important than you may realize. Nurses, doctors, and even midwives have multiple patients they are responsible for during a birth. When you hire a doula, you are hiring someone whose whole purpose for being there is to support the birth you desire: your choices and your decisions throughout the entire process. Our doulas operate in a team model so you never have to worry about them being distracted or called away by another client. When they are there for you, they are fully present. Your needs, wants, and desires come first. They are there to cheer you on, support your decisions, ensure you have someone to lean on, provide security, and help research information.

They are there to help your partner connect with you deeper so that he/she can support you more fully. They are there to help provide a listening ear and a knowledgeable mind should you need it. Hiring a doula is like hiring a walking encyclopedia of birth knowledge. If they don’t have the answer, they will search until they find unbiased articles that present both sides of the equation so you can decide what is best for you and your family.
When you hire a doula, you are hiring someone who works with your care provider to provide seamless, endless support throughout your pregnancy, birth, and into the early days of parenting. Our doulas have worked hard to facilitate professional, supportive relationships with the care providers in our community and when we step in a labor room, the nurses and doctors we work with can rest assured that we are there as a complimentary aspect of your birth team. When you hire a doula, you are hiring someone who has dedicated their lives to learning about the care and support of birthing individuals and their families. You are hiring someone who is knowledgeable, certified, and experienced in this field of expertise.

When hiring a doula, you are working with someone who will provide unbiased, non-judgmental support every step of the way. You are hiring a valuable member of your birth team who is there for you, and your family, from beginning to end. Our doulas not only provide that unbiased support, but they have access to resources, through our unique network of providers, to meet your other pregnancy and birthing needs should you desire additional services (such as childbirth education, photography, or placenta encapsulation).
In addition to the mental and emotional support a doula provides, there are researched benefits to hiring a doula. When you hire a doula, it has been shown to cause a reduction in discomfort levels, pain, and anxiety during the birthing process. Hiring a doula has been shown to lower the rate of cesarean by up to 60% and the rate of non-necessary interventions by up to 30%. In addition, hiring a doula has been shown to shorten labor for first time birthing individuals and provide a more positive outlook on the birth and early postpartum periods. This is especially important for combating the baby blues and prevention of postpartum depression. By hiring a doula, you are able to focus on bonding with your baby postpartum knowing there is a knowledgeable individual available to ask questions, provide support, and walk you through the roller coaster of emotions that come after having a baby.

By hiring a doula, you are hiring one of the most important individuals on your birth team.

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