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Hypnosis can make labor go faster

Hypnosis in conjecture with birth tends to make people a bit uncomfortable. However, when utilized correctly, it can be a powerful tool for pain management. As a Hypnobirthing doula, I understand how overwhelming birth can be and how helpful hypnosis is for keeping a woman grounded during that time. For example, let’s take a look at my thought processes:

…Pregnancy. Induction. Epidural. Cloth diapering. Midwife. Hospital. Birth Center. Home birth. Vaccinate. Vitamin K drops. Holistic. Cesarean. Breastfeeding. Breast pump. OB/GYN. Oxytocin. Lamaze. Bradley. HypnoBirth. Swaddling. Purple pushing. Rebozo. Squat bar…

That was me…a swirling, twirling brain of unfocused energy. Ecstatically pregnant, healthy body, and swirling brain. I was like a dang Twistee Treat….mmmmm, now I want some ice cream.

I chose to become a certified HynoBirth practitioner because of “swirling brain.” Hypnosis, simply put, “keeps it simple.”

Be calm. Take a deep breath in…2…3…4…breathe out. Focusing in. Deeper. Releasing fear. Feeling peace. Breathe. My mind is relaxed and allows my body to calmly release tension with each surge.

As birthing mothers, our biggest fears center around losing control, being judged, being unsure of ourselves, and not feeling safe. When a woman and her partner use hypnosis during birth, she will be positive, be in control of her mind and body, and be solely focused on a joyful, relaxed birth. She trusts her instincts and her body to intrinsically do what it was created to do…perfectly.

According to the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, hypnosis is: “A state of inner absorption, concentration, and focused attention.” When our mind is focused, we can more powerfully control our body and our birth process. When practicing hypnosis with a trained practitioner, we can learn to release fear and other conflicting emotions that stand in the way of an easier, more joyous birth. Once fear and tension are released, it is much easier to get into a state of self-hypnosis where your mind is in control of your body.

The memories of birth are carried with you for the rest of your life. Ask your mother or grandmother about their stories. Women who use hypnosis, when looking back on their birth experience, regardless the outwardly happenings in the labor room, remember they felt in control, trusted in their bodies, and worked with their babies to experience the miracle of birth.

Just remember:

Keep it simple.

About the Author

Karyn Marquardt Gornto


Karyn has been a doula for many years and recently completed her HypnoBirth Doula Certification and HypnoBirth Instructor Certification. She is currently teaching HypnoBirth classes at Ellen’s Birth Bungalow in Olrando, FL.

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