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How I Got My Body Back After Pregnancy

Before kids I used to judge my looks so much. I was never skinny enough or pretty enough. I remember seeing myself in the mirror and pictures and thinking about how much I wish I could look better. I never really felt comfortable in my skin.

After my first was born, I was able to take off all the pregnancy weight, but I was even more unhappy with my body than I was before. I looked back at the pictures of me before having kids and envied the way I used to look. I wondered why I was so unhappy before when I looked worlds better than I did after having him. Everything was wider and stretched and I just didn’t look as skinny as I used to even though I weighed exactly the same, if not less. I couldn’t figure out why I looked so different.

I wondered, how could I get my body back?

Then, I had my second baby and the same thing happened all over again. I lost the weight, but I just couldn’t handle how different I looked.

It wasn’t until my third, and biggest baby, that I finally started to love my body.

What was different this time?

I lost the weight just like before. I didn’t start exercising yet. In addition, this was my third baby in a 4 year span. So, what changed?

This time I had learned about something I didn’t try with my first two… belly binding.

Wonderful, glorious belly binding. I never thought that something as simple as belly binding would make such a huge difference in how I felt in my own body. But it did.

I started binding around five days postpartum. At that point, I literally could not stand without hunching over in pain. My abdominal muscles needed a little extra support while everything was coming back together. As my muscles started to get stronger, I continued to use the binding. I started to notice that my body was doing something that I had been seeking for years. It was starting to look less like a shapeless brick and more like the body I had been missing. I was finally starting to get my body back!

Belly binding made me feel attractive. Something that I can’t honestly ever say I’d never felt before. Even though I didn’t get my body back like it was before kids (with the added stretch marks and looser skin that was impossible), I was still happy with the way I looked.

I may even venture to say that I love my body now in ways that I was never able to before. The physical results I saw helped me emotionally love myself in ways I never would have thought possible. All thanks to adding belly binding into my postpartum recovery process.

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Erika is a Licensed Massage Therapist and doula in Lake Mary, FL. She is mother to 3 wonderful children and married to her high school sweetheart. She enjoys completing DIY Pinterest projects in her free time.

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