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Postpartum Doula Vs Nanny: Why a Doula Makes a Difference

Maybe you’ve heard of a postpartum doula, but perhaps not necessarily what role this type of doula takes in your post baby plans. You may even know that some doulas do overnight baby care. Awesome!
But wait…don’t nannies do the same thing, for way less?
That’s the thing, though. Nannies create one solution for your family (the need for childcare) but a postpartum doula? We don’t stop at caring for your baby. Think of us as a solutions based service to make your life manageable and enjoyable with your newborn, even months after our contract is up. Postpartum support is often a quick fix (getting you some amazing sleep) that is followed by long-term plans to keep you going.
Feeding Support
Whether it’s fixing the way you’ve been bottlefeeding that rids your baby of colic, changing nursing positions for better latch or teaching you pump hacks to get more milk faster, doulas want to see your baby fed safely and successfully now and through their first year.
Mighty Meals
Doulas also go beyond the nanny job description by creating simple meals for tonight AND months from now to make your dinners easy as opening the oven or dropping in the crock pot. Time saved now equals more cuddles for life. Some doulas even go a step further and offer meal planning for weeks or months at a time, with your specific dietary needs mixed in with things you already have on hand. No more hungry shopping (we know what it’s like to come home with nothing but Bugles and cookie dough) or struggling in the kitchen with a babe on your hip!
Happier House
Organizing? Doulas do that. During your postpartum contracted hours, we leave your home better than we found it. Expect your laundry done, dishes washed, your main home areas tidied up and even a nursery free of baby shower clutter.
Parenting Solutions
Got a baby who parties harder than ACDC when they should be nestled in their crib? Your doula can give you hints to help soothe the screams, some can provide gentle sleep training plans. Don’t let those cute printed cloth diapers and babywearing wraps act as decoration. We’ll show you the ins and outs of how to actually use all of your newborn swag.
Loving Support
Postpartum doulas are specially trained to provide referrals for any situation you may be experiencing. Whether it’s a serious breastfeeding concern that requires more medical attention or signs of postpartum depression, doulas can not only point you in the direction of on point support, but additionally, provide you with talking points to make the best of your care.
So, in short, a postpartum doula does provide nanny style care…and so, so much more. When you invest in us, you’re investing in a better future for not just your sleep, but the whole family picture. See why doulas are worth every penny by scheduling a consult today!
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