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Why should I hire a doula? – Skeptical Dad

Your ability to be skeptical is what has made you successful.

Your job requires that you look at things with a critical eye. That you question the reasoning behind purchases, processes, and procedures. That you are skeptical of those who present their products to your business and what they will want in return. Being this way has made you a valuable asset in your career. It has made you a powerhouse in the corporate world.

Why should preparing for the birth of your child be handled any differently?

You are protector, provider, confidant, and friend.

You have been there for this woman from the beginning. You have held her hand and rejoiced with her when those little lines appeared announcing that you would soon be a father (possibly for a second or third time). You have supported her through the emotions that naturally come with pregnancy. You know her heart, her mind, and her spirit. You know the things that stress her and what helps her de-stress. You know exactly what to say that causes her to breathe a sigh of relief and visibly relax.

You aren’t worried about being strong enough to support her through the birth of your baby. You know you’ve got this. You’re confident in your ability to support her fully. This knowledge causes you to question, “Why should I hire a doula when I can support my partner?”

That’s a great question!

A doula isn’t just for your partner.

A doula isn’t there to replace you. Not by any means! Our doulas compliment the support already being provided by you for both you and your partner. We know you’re strong. We know you know your partner better than anyone else on this earth. We know you know her heart. We know all that. That’s why we don’t have any desire to fill your shoes. You are doing a great job (but you already knew that)!

Pregnancy and birth can take twists and turns that no one is expecting. We are here to support both of you through that. We are here to help you support her through those changes.

Sometimes birth goes longer than expected. You are strong, but even the strongest man needs to rest to keep going. We are there to ensure your partner is supported while you rest so you can both be fully present when your little one comes into the world.

Sometimes you need someone there to simply tell you, “This is completely normal and you’re both doing great.” It may seem so simple, but to so many of our clients, this little phrase has meant the world to them.

To the Skeptical Dad,

We understand. We honor your desire to question and look at things more closely. It will serve you well throughout parenthood.

You’ve got this and we look forward to being on your team!

*Inspired by a post written by Manor Born Birth Services.

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