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Doulas Wear Many Hats

Doulas are many things to their clients. They wear many hats when helping families navigate the waters of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. They take their job seriously and give everything they have to those families who trust them to walk with them through this vulnerable time in their lives. What are some of these hats that our doulas wear?

  1. Doulas are counselors – We listen and give feedback as necessary as you work through your fears and concerns. We provide guidance as you decide the choices and philosophies that work best for you and your family.
  2. Doulas are masseuses – We use basic massage techniques to help sooth your aching back and limbs during pregnancy and birth. We also utilize basic infant massage to help sooth and calm your newborn baby.
  3. Doulas are educators – We provide requested information for any concerns you may have related to pregnancy, birth, or parenting. We also provide information for pain management and parenting issues.
  4. Doulas are childcare specialists – We can help entertain older siblings as we meet with you prenatally. We help ease you into parenthood, as first time parents, with our knowledge and expertise.
  5. Doulas are chefs – We prepare delectable, nutritious meals for you during postpartum shifts. We help fix healthy snacks so you feel both nourished and cared for.

As you can see doulas wear many hats. The benefits of hiring a doula to support you, walk with you, encourage you, and guide you from pregnancy into parenthood are insurmountable. Our doulas are trained to support you in your decisions every step of the way.  Set up a complimentary consultation with one of our doula teams and experience the Sun State difference.

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