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Dads/Partners and Birth Trauma

Birth Trauma…

Many partners truly want to be there for the women in their lives during¬†birth. However, when things don’t go according to plan, it can cause birth trauma not just for the mother but for her birth partner as well. Not knowing what to do, how to help, what the best options are, and having to make decisions with little time to research can have devastating effects on the individual who feels it’s his or her duty to protect and guard their partner’s birth environment.

The Peaceful Birth Project has a great article about Dads/Partners and Birth Trauma. Check it out, follow our blog, and keep an eye out for my own husband’s post about his feelings during our home birth transfer.

Another site that has a first hand account of a father’s look at birth trauma and postpartum depression in partners is Birth Without Fear.

Men Experience Birth Trauma, Too


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