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Circumcision Care

Your baby is here. He has undergone the circumcision procedure. Now it’s time to care for the wound so that it heals properly.

Circumcision takes about a week and half to heal

Sometimes the wound heals faster, sometimes longer. It highly depends on your baby’s personal healing rate and how well you are caring for the wound itself. A wound that is properly cared for will heal faster and experience less problems than one that is cared for sporadically.

Petroleum Jelly will help keep moisture out

Moisture inhibits healing and can create an environment for bacteria to multiply. By keeping the wound coated with a thin coat of petroleum jelly, you are putting a barrier between the baby’s skin and the moisture that naturally occurs in the diaper area. In addition, this is protecting the penis during urination.

Frequent diaper changes

Speaking of urination, changing your baby’s diaper frequently will limit the amount of moisture that is in contact with the wound at a given time. If baby has a poopy diaper, gently clean the penis with soap and warm water, then reapply the petroleum jelly.

Redness and yellow discharge are normal

Some redness and yellow discharge are normal signs of healing; however, should the penis become swollen and/or the redness does not seem to be going away, take your baby in to see the doctor. Any cloudy looking discharge or excessive bleeding are also causes for concern.

For the most part, caring for your son’s penis post circumcision is an extremely easy process. Simply keep the wound clean, maintain a protective barrier against moisture, and keep and eye out for unusual discharge. If you have any additional questions or concerns, The American Academy of Pediatrics has a great article detailing the process, the reasons behind the process, and after care.

Additionally, each of our postpartum doulas are trained on proper circumcision care so you never have to worry about your baby’s wound while he is in our doulas’ care.


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