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Cesarean Recovery and Aftercare

Cesarean recovery and aftercare can be confusing and exhausting when you are trying to care for a new baby. The initial mental fog of coming out of a major surgery combined with having this new tiny human who demands instant care and attention, can be utterly overwhelming. Let us help. 

Cesarean Recovery

The first thing you should know about recovering from a cesarean is that there will a mental fog post-surgery and even possible skips in your memory depending on which medication is used during the procedure. We have served several clients who have gone through this process and the one thing we have noticed with all of them is slight memory lapses immediately post-surgery. Whether it’s not remembering where they are, to where their partner is (even when they are right next to them), to not remembering holding/not holding their child immediately afterwards.

Secondly, most birthing parents experience shaking as the medication leaves their system. This is completely normal and not something to be feared.

Third, there will be gas…and it will hurt. Whether it’s between your shoulder blades or in your abdomen, gas build up after a major abdominal surgery is not going to feel good, to say the least. How can you get the gas out faster? Movement. Begin walking around short distances. Move around your room. Get up and go to the bathroom as soon as you can. This will allow the gas to escape and lessen the discomfort.

Fourth, shit happens. And during cesarean recovery, it can be really uncomfortable to downright painful. Stool softeners will be your new best friend. Drink lots of water with them and get moving to help them work more effectively.

Lastly, there will be postpartum bleeding. I know, I know…you didn’t birth a baby vaginally so why should you have to bleed? Well, your uterus still has to heal after the removal of your placenta (which you can still have encapsulated even after a cesarean) and the blood has to go somewhere. The easiest, most logical choice is down and out. We’re sorry.

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