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Bottle-fed Babies Rock, Too!

Isn’t it time we acknowledged those bottle-fed babies also?

Bottle-fed babies are a lot of work. Parents have to prep the bottle, mix or pour in the food, warm it, feed their baby, and then clean the bottle and prep it for the next feeding. Sometimes parents don’t have a choice as to whether their baby is breastfed or bottle-fed. Sometimes parents’ schedules are so packed, breastfeeding is simply not an option for that particular family. Sometimes parents have personal reasons for not wanting to breastfeed. Whatever the case may be, these parents deserve¬†our support and encouragement.

Recent studies suggest that long-term there is little difference between a breast or bottle-fed baby. However, we have become accustomed to hearing the rhetoric of “breast is best.” Parents who choose to bottle-feed their babies often feel shamed for their choice.

Here at Sun State Doulas, we’re here to tell you, we support you! We keep two Infant Feeding Specialists on staff to help with any questions or concerns you may have about bottle-feeding, supplementing, and/or mixed feeding. We support you and the decisions you make as parents. If you feel like breastfeeding is best for your family, great! If you feel like bottle-feeding is better for your family, that’s great too! No matter what your choice, as long as baby is fed, we support you!

However you chose to feed your baby, know that you are an amazing parent, and whether breast or bottle-fed, your baby rocks!

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Christine Santos

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Owner of Sun State Doulas, Christine is passionate about pregnancy, birth, and parenting issues that affect mainstream families. She is mother to 3 girls and is an active member of the roller derby community. Her favorite quote is, “Not my body, not my baby, not my birth, not my choice.”

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