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Birth Control and Pulling Out

The smorgasbord of birth control options is mind-boggling. Today let’s discuss the pull-out method.

As a birth control method, pulling out is fairly effective…if done correctly. If not done correctly…we offer doula services.

Pulling out is exactly what it sounds like. As the male partner feels he is reaching climax, he pulls out and releases elsewhere. Easy right? Wrong! What if your partner doesn’t know his body well enough to know he’s reaching climax? What if you aren’t “done” and ask him to “Hit Me Baby One More Time?” What if he is feeling so good that he can’t pull out fast enough? All these issues can lead to some problems in the upcoming months.

We explored several birth control options before we landed on pulling out.

First, we tried the pill. I gained 50 pounds in one month and became depressive.

Second, we tried regular condoms. Apparently latex allergies exist.

Next, we thought about trying spermicide. That just seemed too risky to me.

Then, we tried NuvaRing. So many, many issues. My hormones were out of whack for years afterwards, residue months after removal was discovered to be responsible for our miscarriage, and it made me overly aggressive. There have even been lawsuits over the minimization of risks.

At that point we decided we needed a birth control that wouldn’t mess with my hormones in any way, shape, or form. We looked at Natural Family Planning, but I’m not good at remembering to take my temperature each morning. Then we went back to our tried and true method: pulling out. We had been using this method for years without any “oops!” so we decided to stay with it.

However, one does need to know about the details involved in pulling out. Dr. Lindsey Does does a great job of discussing that:

Elizabeth Luke wrote a great piece over at First Coast Doulas discussing the data behind the pull out method of birth control. Click here to read it.

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