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Benefits and Risks of Cesarean Birth

A few of the common reasons for a cesarean birth include failure to progress, bag of water broken for more than 24 hours, a breach baby, placenta previa, or low fetal heart rate. Some other reasons include: Certain medical conditions, infections, baby’s health, the birthing individual’s health, a large baby, breech position, multiples, placenta problems, previous cesareans, or other complications.

Risks of a cesarean birth

Risks of a cesarean section include infection, heavy bleeding, bowel problems, injury to another organ, blood clots, and/or immature lungs for the baby.

Benefits of a cesarean birth

Benefits of a cesarean section include knowing when the baby will be born, not having labor pain, less heavy bleeding post-birth, no stress incontinence, less risk of uterine prolapse, and no risk of perineum tearing.

In the first 12-24 hours after a cesarean section a client may experience painful bloating from gas, a longer hospital stay, feeling itchy all over, groggy from pain medicine, difficulty getting out of bed, and/or a more difficulty breastfeeding.

A doula can be a useful tool for support prior to and during recovery from a cesarean birth. Contact us to find out more about how a doula can help support you through a cesarean.

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