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Bebe Flow: Your Hometown Baby Boutique

I had the privledge of sitting down with Ashley Ford, owner of Bebe Flow, to find out more about her store.

Bebe Flow is a baby boutique in the heart of downtown Lakeland. They carry a variety of brands from Mud Pie to Bamboobies to Jujube and More.


Me: Hi Ashley, Thank you for taking the time to sit down and chat with me today. Tell me a little about yourself.

Ashley: Thank you. Let’s see. I just turned thirty. I have three children. I’m married. I practice natural parenting. I’ve always wanted to have a baby store.

Me: Very cool. Let’s talk about that. What prompted you to open Bebe Flow?

Ashley: I started by sewing cloth diapers and eventually that evolved into designing my own fabric because I couldn’t find what I wanted for the diapers I was making. That, then transitioned into wanting a physical location where parents could come to touch and feel the natural parenting products prior to buying. Now I want us to not only be a baby boutique, but a reference and resource on natural parenting for the people of Lakeland.

Me: That’s awesome! Tell us a bit about where you’re located.

Ashley: We are in the perfect location! We’re right off Kentucky Avenue in downtown Lakeland. It’s central to everything and there is a community feel to the area where all the businesses want to help see everyone else succeed.

Me: What else does your shop provide?

Ashley: We can host events for up to 20 people comfortably. We have hosted The Great Cloth Diaper Change, Lakeland Babywearing, and the Lakeland Lactation Coalition (before they outgrew the space).

Me: That’s great! Is there a place people can find out when events are being held?

Ashley: We share everything on Bebe Flow’s Facebook page.

Me: Perfect! Do you currently have any sales you want people to know about?

Ashley: Bebe Flow updates their sales once a week. We show those items on our Facebook page and on our website. With our sales, we try really hard to make sure there is at least one natural parenting item per sale.

Me: Excellent! That’s great information to have. Thank you again for sitting down and talking with us. I look forward to sharing you with our followers.

Ashley: I look forward to being introduced.

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