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5 Things I Know about Having a Second Baby

Sun State Doulas brings warmth and compassion to all the families they serve. It’s not every day I’m challenged to write for an agency I admire; therefore,  today is a special day and I am happy to guest write for them! Here are 5 things I know about having a second baby:

Your First Born Suddenly Seems So Much Older

Once your baby isn’t your only baby anymore suddenly she looks just a little bigger, a little less…well, baby like. When did this happen? You’re confident that your two-day hospital stay wasn’t a time warp! So how is it even possible? Don’t worry, she’ll always be your baby no matter how big she gets!

You Can Expect Some Healthy Competition

For the older sibling a new baby is sure to spark some competition. Going from being an only child to sharing attention with a tiny human who poops, eats, and cries around the clock is tough. Cue the sibling competition that drives parents up the wall. But, don’t stress too much, it’s just a natural biological thing that we don’t fully understand!

Your oldest child has had your undivided attention up until now. Expect some whining, regression, never-ending noise, and some melt downs. You can also expect some super sweet moments that will restore your faith and melt your heart! Deep breaths and remember you have given your children the very best gift, the gift of a sibling!

Your Priorities Change! Oh Yes They Do!

Parenting is humbling! It’s especially true when you’re raising more than one child! Add a second baby and your priorities are now divided! Clean, fully dressed kids, dinner on the table, and a spotless house may not seem so urgent when the second baby comes along! Some days you’ll swing a load of laundry, dinner, dishes, and kids ready for bed by 8 p.m. Other times, you’ll do good to remember to feed the dog, call for take-out, and get both kids down to sleep at the same time before sun rises the next morning! It’s just the way it is some days. You’ll prioritize and conquer!

You Document Less

It’s true! Like majority of parents you’ll get a baby book and document things. With your first baby you’ll take 50 million pictures and do good to remember the camera at Christmas and birthdays with the second. You can balance this by hiring a great photographer! Sometimes less is more, so less DIY photos and more quality ones may be just the thing to counter balance this trend!

You Become the Master Multi-Tasker

You’ll learn to feed the baby and read to the toddler while listening to your husband talk about a new project at work. You’ll learn to grocery shop while singing ABC’s while picking out “what doesn’t belong” from the cart! Did I mention Amazon is your new best friend? Secret from a seasoned mom, you can ship toilet paper to your front door!

As humans we are not designed to multitask well, but you will become a master multitasker while raising happy, wild, super cute, humans!



You’re More Likely to Hire Help When Having a Second Baby

Not just a labor/birth doula, but a postpartum doula, especially for the first six weeks. You remember some of the challenges you faced with your first-born and you are wiser and more prepared now because of it!

Your postpartum doula can be your extra set of hands, play with your toddler, and help you with breast or bottle feeding. Clean bottles, pump parts, and more sleep await you! Easy to grab snacks magically appear when your postpartum doula is near. She can help ensure you get daily showers, tackle that never-ending laundry pile, and make outings a breeze!

With a Sun State postpartum doula by your side you will feel more supported, enjoy parenting more, and you will look like a pro while doing so!

You’re going miss these early days, remember to make them count!

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Elizabeth Luke

Elizabeth is the owner of First Coast Doulas. She is married to a wonderful guy and together they raise their 5 kids in the Jacksonville area.

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