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5 Baby-led Weaning Tips

Baby-led weaning beginnings

When your baby begins to show interest in solid foods it can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. How do you know which foods to let them eat first? Does your baby have any allergies? What foods should you avoid? So many questions.

Baby-led weaning is a means of answering those questions while letting your baby take the lead. By introducing your baby to slices of soft foods that can easily be grasped in the hand, your baby can hold the new foods and work them to his mouth independently. This is the goal of baby-led weaning – guiding your baby towards independent feeding.

1. Start with large pieces of soft fruits such as bananas, mangoes, or avocados.

By starting with large pieces of these simple foods, your baby will have an easier time grasping and eating.

2. Keep with the same food item for a few days before introducing a new item.

By keeping the food consistent, it allows you to see if your baby is sensitive or allergic to any of these new additions to his diet.

3. Your baby may gag on some foods and that is normal.

According to Baby-Led Weaning, gagging is simply one way your baby moves the food around his mouth. This is one step in the process of learning how to feed oneself.

4. This will be messy.

Because you won’t be spoon-feeding your baby, and most likely won’t be using a bowl (to make it easier for baby to grasp the food), this will be a messy process. We found the easiest way to clean up was to put a plastic drop cloth down under baby’s high chair and to allow baby to eat naked, except for a diaper.

5. If you are still struggling with this process, hire an Infant Feeding Specialist to help.

Our infant feeding specialists are highly qualified to help parents make a smooth transition of introducing solids into their baby’s diet. Their knowledge and expertise make them a great resource for parents wanting to try baby-led weaning.

We will be starting a one-hour baby-led weaning course in each of our service areas beginning in February. Look for more information about these classes coming soon…


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